Screenshot of the Pac-Pc Gameplay.

Pac-Pc is a port of the Original Arcade Game for DOS Operating Systems.It is also compatible with Modern Day Operating Systems.It was developed by can be downloaded for free at Download Central.


A Sequel was made a year later,known as Pac-Pc 2.Nothing had changed,except the Game featured a Big maze that scrolled up and down when moving,and there was an option to move faster when moving in the maze,and to use 4 or 5 Lives if wanted.It can be downloaded here at

Screenshot of Demo Gameplay in Pac-Pc 2.

Ms. Pac-Pc

A year after Pac-Pc 2 was released,JROK developed a rendition for Ms. Pac-Man.It had maze scrolling like Pac-Pc 2 did,along with other features from Pac-Pc 2,and the Mazes would occasionally change one of 4 Different Shapes.It can be downloaded at as well.


Screen Shot of Ms. Pac-Pc Gameplay.

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