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Pac-Mania is a video game in the Pac-Man series. It was created by Namco and distributed by Atari in the USA, and originally released in November 25, 1987. Pac-Mania could be played on different ports with various quality. These included the NES, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, Atari and the Amiga. It is an arcade video game.




The core gameplay is more or less the same as the original Pac-Man. The player still has to control Pac-Man to eat Pac-Dots and chase ghosts, but the main differences are:
  • Pac-Mania has an isometric view.
  • Mazes change after every intermission.
  • There are two new ghosts, making total of seven unique ones in this game.
  • Pac-Man can jump, giving him another tool to evade most of the ghosts.
  • Along with Bonus Fruit appearing at the center of the maze, new power-ups and special bonus items may also spawn at certain times during gameplay.


Pac-Mania features the original four ghosts along with Sue and the Commons, Funky and Spunky. Blinky, Pinky, Sue, Inky, and Clyde have similar traits to their past appearances. The newer Commons can jump when in Sandbox Land and Jungly Steps. Funky, the green common, is aggressive, but cannot jump as high as Pac-Man; thus, it is possible for the player to jump over them with proper timing. Spunky, the gray common, can jump just as high as Pac-Man, but is not nearly as aggressive as Blinky, Sue, or Funky. Unlike the other ghosts, there can be two of both Funky and Spunky, giving the player a chance of encountering a total of nine ghosts in later rounds.

The ghosts behave differently when attempting to reach a target position compared to other arcade games–rather than always taking what they perceive to be the optimal route, the ghosts will never turn at an intersection until they either have to or reach/pass their target. This means that if a ghost were following Pac-Man but not closely pursuing him, the player could make two quick turns into a different, parallel hallway traveling in the same direction, and the ghost would most likely keep going down the same hallway.

Some ghosts also tend to have smarter AI when Pac-Man eats most of the dots in a stage, or during the later stages of the game. This can be seen with Blinky as of the Pac-Man Park stage, where he becomes much more aggressive than in the previous stages.


  • πŸ’ Cherry: 1000 points.
  • πŸ“ Strawberry: 2000 points
  • 🍊 Orange: 3000 points
  • 🍎 Apple: 4000 points
  • 🍌 Banana: 5000 points.
  • πŸ‘ Peach: 6000 points
  • πŸ”” Bell: 7000 points
  • πŸ”‘ Key: 8000 points
  • 🍬 Candy: 4000 points
  • 🍏 Apple: 6000 points
  • β˜• Coffee: 5000 points
  • 🍦 Chocolate Ice Cream: 8000 points
  • 🍦 Vanilla Ice Cream: 8000 points
  • πŸ•­ Silver Bell: 7000 points
  • PM Galaxian Galaxian Boss: 7650 points
  • πŸ—οΈ Silver Key: 10000
  • πŸ” Hamburger: 7000 points
  • PM Galaxian Silver Galaxian Boss: 9000 points



The American arcade flyer for Pac-Mania

1: Block Town

Main article: Block Town

This is an area made up of Lego brick-like objects. As the first stage, the ghosts are not too fast and no new ones are introduced unless the amount of levels was changed to "endless" or "23"--in this case, the player eventually comes back to this world after finishing the final zone, and new ghosts may appear.

Maximum # of Ghosts: 5 (Blinky, Pinky, Sue, Inky, and Clyde)

2: Pac-Man's Park

Main article: Pac-Man's Park

This area is a 3D version of the original Pac-Man maze. The ghosts move at a speed a bit faster than Pac-Man's. Here, Funky is introduced, but he does not have his jumping abilities yet.

Maximum # of Ghosts: 7 (Blinky, Pinky, Sue, Inky, Clyde, and 2 Green Commons)

3: Sandbox Land

Main article: Sandbox Land

This location appears to be set in a pyramid-like area. Here, the ghosts are even more aggressive. There is a warning in the introductory video to the level:


Funky will now be able to jump, and two Funkys appear in the later two levels. Spunky makes her debut in the final level in this zone, and will be able to jump.

Maximum # of Ghosts: 8 (Blinky, Pinky, Sue, Inky, Clyde, 2 Green Commons, and 1 Gray Common)

4: Jungly Steps

Unless DIP switches were used to change the number of levels in the game, this will be the final world in the game. This world appears to be on a set of stairs, with curtains in the background. Pac-Man gets a significant boost in speed here, but so do the ghosts. Funky and Spunky are featured, and will jump.

Maximum # of Ghosts: 9 (Blinky, Pinky, Sue, Inky, Clyde, 2 Green Commons, and 2 Gray Commons)

Previous Worlds

If the player doesn't change the level number via Dip Switches and Jungly Steps is ended, the credits are shown. If the level number is changed however, the player will be redirected to the first level, but this time it will be harder than Jungly Steps and Commons can't jump. It also gives more rounds to the levels; playing at once Block Town firstly was enough to proceed, but this time Block land has 3 different alternate-colored rounds. In the NES and the Genesis version, a DIP switch is not required, instead a message saying, "Nice going, you've completed the four worlds, but you're only just begun, stand by, the show must go on!" The player will then be redirected to a harder Block land (also green colored in the NES version). By doing this, the player will complete the previous mazes, although they have 3 rounds and the ghosts are more difficult.


  • The ghosts return with facial expressions from Pac-Land, and these were later incorporated into their personalities in the Pac-Man World sub-series.
  • The music that plays for the intermission between Block Town and Pac-Man's Park interpolates a bit of the Pac-Land main theme.
  • This is the first game in which Blinky and Clyde swapped their colors in the series.