.028 Pac-Man Spiral Cylindria & Zachary

This is a list of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures episodes. 2 seasons have so far been planned for the series. This series was originally planned for 2012, but ended up airing at 2013.

Season 1 (2013)

  1. The Adventure Begins Part I
  2. The Adventure Begins Part II
  3. No Pets Allowed... Especially Monsters Part I
  4. No Pets Allowed... Especially Monsters Part II
  5. All You Can Eat
  6. President Possessed!
  7. Is Zit You Or Is Zit Me?
  8. Pac to the Future
  9. Heebo-Skeebo
  10. Mission ImPacable!
  11. Nobody Knows
  12. Seems Like Old Times
  13. Betrayus Turns The Heat Up
  14. Pac-Pong Fever
  15. Driver's Pac
  16. Jinxed
  17. Indiana Pac and the Temple Of Slime
  18. Planet Pac Versus the Ghosteroid
  19. Stand By Your Pac-Man
  20. Paclantis
  21. Jurassic Pac
  22. A Berry Scary Night
  23. The Great Chase!
  24. Robo Woes
  25. The Spy Who Slimed Me
  26. Invasion of the Pointy Heads

Season 2 (2014-2016)

  1. Ride The Wild Pac-Topus
  2. Meanie Genie
  3. Cave PAC-MAN
  4. Cosmic Contest
  5. That Smarts!
  6. Pac-Mania (Episode)
  7. Rip Van Packle
  8. Spooka-Bazooka!
  9. The Pac Be With You
  10. The Shadow Of The Were-Pac
  11. A Hard Dazed Knight
  12. Cap'n Banshee And His Interstellar Buccaneers
  13. Happy Holidays And A Merry Berry Day
  14. Peace Without Slime
  15. The Ghost Behind the Throne
  16. The Nerd Is the Word
  17. The Bride of Grinder
  18. The Legend of Creepy Hollow
  19. Easter Egg Island
  20. The Wizard of Odd
  21. Indiana Pac and the Dentures of Doom
  22. Honey, I Digitized the Pac-Man
  23. Pac's Scary Halloween Part I
  24. Pac's Scary Halloween Part II
  25. Santa Pac
  26. New Girl in Town

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