Pac-Man World 3

Pacman world 3 box

Developer: Blitz Games, Namco
Publisher: Namco, EA Digital Publishing
Series: Pac-Man World series
Genres: Platformer
Release date(s): 2005
Number of players 1-Player
Platforms GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC, PSP, and Nintendo DS

Pac-Man World 3 is the third game of the Pac-Man World series. This game differs greatly from the first two Pac-Man World games, as it has much more fighting and melee style gameplay. However, it shares something in common with Pac-Man World, in the case that is again Pac-Man's birthday, except now his 25th instead of his 20th. In the game, Pac-Man reunites with and receives help from a past enemy, Orson. He also teams up with Pinky and Clyde. The main enemy of the game is Erwin, who captures Blinky/Clyde and Inky.

Main Plot

It's Pac-Man's 25th birthday. Ms. Pac-Man is looking for Pac-Man Junior, and asks if he has seen the cake. Junior already has the cake, so she asks if he has seen Pac-Man. Pac comes through the gate, and sees its his favorite birthday cake. After announcing that 25 feels so...old, he gets a funny feeling. Pac-Man begins teleporting to random places. After he flies towards his cake and gets teleported for the last time, Ms. Pac-Man wishes him Happy Birthday. It is then revealed that it was Orson who was working on teleporting Pac-Man.

Meanwhile, Pac-Man is teleported to the Bot Boneyard, under the Banni Wastelands. Orson communicates to him, while fixing the signal for the communicator so he can be heard better. He then makes his way out of the Boneyard. While this level has no significant importance, it is your tutorial level, as this game states a few more attacks than Pac-Man World 2. Upon entering the Banni Wastelands, he's irritated as he thought Orson was going to teleport him, but he has to follow the desert path, because the Outpost that Orson is at isn't far away at all. Once Pac-Man arrives there, he has to calibrate Toc-Man, without destroying him in the process. After Toc-Man is calibrated, he is then transported to the Spectral Realm, where Orson's last transmission from Pinky came, at the top of the Realm. The Spectral Monsters appear frequently here, as this is their home, and Erwin's Syphoning stirred them from the caves at the bottom of the Realm, & Orson explains that this is just a minor problem while the biggest problem is that as Erwin kept syphoning the Realm, he was beginning to rip apart the fabric of spacetime on the outer edges of the universe, which would expand & continue to get bigger & bigger until it reaches the Earth to cause the final effects of a destructive method of the end of the universe called a Spectral Paradox.

Moving to Gogekka, he helps the guy he rescues by destroying his first syphon atop Gogekka Towers. After this is done, Pac-Man is then teleported back to the Realm once more to rescue Clyde, who is stuck in a cage at the top of the Realm, which has clearly changed in time while Pac-Man was at Gogekka as it has lost it's purple colors & was shrinking, (the effects of the paradox worsening as the fabric of the universe was getting closer to the Milky Way). After initially making fun of Clyde, Pac-Man frees him so he doesn't get left behind for the Spectral Fiend to find. This time, there is a syphon here, and its constituted as being a swirly mass, because technology and the Realm don't mix whatsoever. When Clyde destroys the syphon there in the Realm, the both of them are teleported to the Zeyphr Mountains, in their height. Moving through catacombs and a deserted mountain village, Orson gets a feeling that Pac-Man is getting close to the syphon, but its underneath the mountains. Pac is told to go deep under the mountains, where he finds an archeologist who tells him more about the Ancients that littered the planet years upon years ago. Traversing through these wide catacombs, he comes up to find the syphon, but he first has to get through Erwin. This constitutes as your first fight with Erwin.

Going through Gogekka once more to stop the building from collapsing under the immense heat of a mass fire, a disguise made by Erwin as he has hidden a bomb here in Gogekka Towers. Pac traverses through the burning towers with the help of Clyde, and makes it to the Banni Canyons, where he has to find Orson and Clyde at the Outpost, and defeat the small amount of Erwin's men that were the advance party. Once he activates the platform that moves him to the Outpost, he is greeted by Clyde at a tram house, who drags him by the leg to Toc-Man, promptly throwing him in and getting in behind him. Apparently, Ors had made modifications, and you can now use Clyde's Sonic Boo attack as well as your melee attacks. Once you defeat Erwin's Army, you move to another part of the Zephyr Heights, thin tome to Cragstone Bridge. Here another syphon is located, and you have to fight your way through rough terrain to get to the syphon and defeat Erwin's men while you're at it.

When you infiltrate Erwin's Fortress, this is where is crucial. Pac-Man must defeat Erwin from the inside in order to get at the next syphon located here....somewhere. As is, you have to avoid not only Erwin's men but the laser traps Erwin has set out for Pac-Man. Erwin chitchats with him frequently, to which Pac always makes some funny remark or gesture which infuriates Erwin. Exiting the Fortress, Pac-Man comes across Dungen Gunden, the city surrounding Erwin's Fortress. Avoiding all the traps Erwin has set for Pac, and using Pinky and Clyde to help him through the rough city terrain, he makes it through with little insult to injury.

Heading back to the Realm for the final time, this place is in the worst state possible. Erwin's syphoning has completely destroyed it, and what's left looks like it could disappear under your feet at any minute. Making his way through the now decrepit Realm, Pac-Man succeeds in traversing through the sinking landscape, making his way to a place deep inside the realm, called the Shadow Temple, where Erwin is hiding out as a last resort to hide as the ripping of the spacetime was so severe that it was preparing to dawn on the Earth & universe in the form of a matter destroying vortex as a Spectral Paradox. Defeating Erwin once more and winning, Pac is safely returned home to Pac-Land without a threat of Erwin and his Nefarious Scheme.

Playable Characters

Pac-Man - The main playable character of the game.

Pinky - Pinky can turn invisible platforms visible for Pac-Man to jump on.

Clyde/Blinky - Clyde/Blinky can use his powers to use a ghostly screech called a "Sonic Boo", which may have been based off of the abilities given to Pac-Man in Pac & Pal.

Toc-Man- Orson rebuilds his old Toc-Man robot, and lets Pac-Man use it.

Power Ups

Here are all the Power Ups that can be used in the game.

  • Power Pellet - The original Power Pellet. Used to eat Spectral Monsters.
  • Ribbon Loop Power Pellet - The Ribbon Loop Power Pellet appears round and tan. Once Pac-Man eats it, he now gains a tan aura, and a trail of tan follows Pac-Man. If he wraps around an enemy, it will close in on them and kill them, but like all power ups, it only lasts about 15 seconds.
  • Super Stomp Power Pellet - This power up appears round and green. Once Pac-Man eats it he gains a green aura. If he does a Butt-Bounce, a green shockwave spreads out around him, initiating a ripple in the ground. It acts just like a Triple Butt Bounce, but kills faster and spreads out farther. Like all power ups, it lasts about 15 seconds.
  • Electro-Shock Power Pellet - This power up appears round and blue, with electricity sparks coming out of it. Once Pac-Man eats it, he gains an electric blue aura. By pressing and holding the "Punch" button, Pac-Man can shoot electricity out of his hands. It like all power pellets lasts about 15 seconds.
  • Chrome Power Pellet - Chrome Power Pellets are round and metal colored in appearance. Once Pac-Man eats it, he gains a metal sheen and becomes invincible for 15 seconds.
  • Pac-Dot Chain - Pac-Dot Chains are machines activated by crystals. They contain one large, red Pac-Dot to start with, and a long trail of Pac-Dots after that. Once Pac-Man eats it, he travels the length of the Pac-Dots, hence the name Pac-Dot chain.


Level Name
Bot Boneyard
Banni Wastelands
Spectral Cliffs
Gogekka Central
Spectral Vale
Zephyr Heights
Ancient Catacombs
Gogekka Heights
Banni Canyon
Toc-Man Battle
Cragstone Bridge
Erwin's Fortress
Dungen Gunden
Spectral Zenith
Shadow Temple


  • This is the first time ever we hear Pac-Man speak besides when he screamed "Nooooo!" in Pac-Man World in the opening cinematic. Pac-Man also spoke in the Pac-Man cartoon show from the early 80's.
  • This is the first Pac-Man World game that was not developed by Namco, instead being developed by Blitz Games.
  • Pac-Man makes a reference to the original Pac-Man World, in the beginning where he says "Well, at least this birthday is still better than my 20th". Pac-Man World was released on Pac-Man's 20th anniversary.
  • This is the only Pac-Man World game not to be released in Japan.