Pac-Man World


Developer: Namco, Full Fat
Publisher: Namco
Zoo Digital Publishing
Distributor: DSI Games
Series: Pac-Man World series
Genres: Platform, Adventure
Release date(s): Sept 30, 1999 (PlayStation)

Nov 17, 2004 (Game Boy Advance) February 11, 2014 (PlayStation Network)

Rating: E for Everyone
Number of players: One player
Platforms: PlayStation and Game Boy Advance

This article is about the first game in the Pac-Man World series. For information about its two sequels, see Pac-Man World 2 and Pac-Man World 3.

Pac-Man World is a video game that was released on September 30, 1999 on the PlayStation as the 20th anniversary of Pac-Man since he starred in the arcade game. The game was developed and published by Namco. Pac-Man World is a platform game starring Pac-Man roaming in a three-dimensional world on Ghost Island while saving friends like Ms. Pac-Man. The game was also going to be released on the Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast and PC, but these versions were cancelled. The game is also the companion game to Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness.


One day, Pac-Man returns to his house on his 20th birthday, only to find it deserted. Toc-Man and the ghosts have kidnapped Pac-Man's family & friends, Ms. Pac-Man, Jr. Pac, Baby Pac, Professor Pac, Pooka, and Chomp-Chomp the dog! Pac-Man must venture to Toc-Man's lair on Ghost Island to rescue his friends.


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The Main Menu screen

Pac-Man World contains three game modes - Quest, Mazes, and Classic.

Quest Mode

Quest Mode serves as the story mode and takes place on Ghost Island. In it, Pac-Man explores throughout 23 levels which play similar to a 3D platformer collecting fruit, defeating enemies, saving his captured friends, etc. Levels are divided into stages which each feature a theme and the last level in each one is a boss. The player's goal is to save all of Pac-Man's captured friends and defeat Toc-Man who is the final boss. Below are the levels listed:

Stage Level Name PlayStation Level # Game Boy Advance Level #
Pirate Buccaneer Beach 1 1
Corsair's Cove 2 2
Crazy Cannonade 3 3
HMS Windbag 4 N/A
The Ruins Crisis Cavern 5 4
Manic Mines 6 5
Kooky Crypt N/A N/A
Anubis Rex 7 N/A
Space Space Race 8 6
Far Out 9 7
Gimme Space 10 N/A
King Galaxian 11 N/A
Funhouse Clowning Around 12 8
Barrel Blast 13 9
Spin Dizzy 14 N/A
Clown Prix 15 N/A
Factory Perilous Pipes 16 N/A
Under Pressure 17
Down the Tubes 18
Krome Keeper 19
Mansion Ghostly Garden 20 N/A
Creepy Catacombs 21 10
Grave Danger 22 11
Toc-Man's Lair 23 12

By obtaining the collectable letters "P-A-C-M-A-N" in each level, the player will unlock outtakes from the game's cutscenes in the PlayStation version.

Mazes Mode

The basic gameplay in Mazes mode resembles that of the original Pac-Man; you run around collecting Pac-Dots while avoiding the ghosts. However, besides from the graphic elements, the mazes in Mazes mode differ from that of the original Pac-Man because they contain several obstacles and twists (at least in the ones unlocked via Quest mode). This mode begins with three already provided mazes for each stage, totaling 18. To unlock the other 18 mazes, you must eat a Galaxian and complete the maze in the Galaxian door in the stages in Quest mode.

Once you've collected the 18 mazes in Quest mode, you may play Marathon which consists of playing all of the 36 mazes. If completed, you unlock the hidden art gallery which contains concept art from the game.

Maze Pac-Dots Fruit Level
Pirate Maze #1 115 Cherry N/A
Pirate Maze #2 98 Strawberry N/A
Pirate Maze #3 105 Orange N/A
Pirate Maze #4 98 Assorted N/A
Pirate Maze #5 115 Lemon Corsair's Cove
Pirate Maze #6 111 Melon Crazy Cannonade
Ruins Maze #1 122 Peach N/A
Ruins Maze #2 115 Apple N/A
Ruins Maze #3 112 Banana N/A
Ruins Maze #4 111 Strawberry Crisis Cavern
Ruins Maze #5 100 Strawberry Manic Mines
Ruins Maze #6 98 Lemon Manic Mines
Space Maze #1 106 Melon N/A
Space Maze #2 109 Lemon N/A
Space Maze #3 113 Galaxian N/A
Space Maze #4 95 Melon Space Race
Space Maze #5 90 Peach Far Out
Space Maze #6 100 Apple Gimme Space
Funhouse Maze #1 107 Bell N/A
Funhouse Maze #2 108 Cherry N/A
Funhouse Maze #3 107 Strawberry N/A
Funhouse Maze #4 103 Peach Clowning Around
Funhouse Maze #5 104 Cherry Barrel Blast
Funhouse Maze #6 97 Bell Spin Dizzy
Factory Maze #1 111 Orange N/A
Factory Maze #2 101 Peach N/A
Factory Maze #3 119 Apple N/A
Factory Maze #4 101 Peach Perilous Pipes
Factory Maze #5 112 Apple Under Pressure
Factory Maze #6 119 Strawberry Down the Tubes
Mansion Maze #1 129 Banana N/A
Mansion Maze #2 106 Melon N/A
Mansion Maze #3 111 Lemon N/A
Mansion Maze #4 129 Cherry Ghostly Garden
Mansion Maze #5 109 Banana Creepy Catacombs
Mansion Maze #6 106 Galaxian Grave Danger

Classic Mode

The Classic mode is nothing more than an 100% faithful rendition of the original arcade Pac-Man.

Idle Poses

When the player stops controlling Pac-Man, he will make a few idle poses in this game.

  • Juggles Pac-dots and eats them
  • Scratches his head and back with his foot simultaneously
  • Taps his foot
  • Looks around
  • Dances like what he would do when he completes a level but slowly.

August 1998

File:Pac-Man World August '98 1.tif File:Pac-Man World August '98 2.tif File:Pac-Man World August '98 3.tif File:Pac-Man World August '98 4.tif File:Pac-Man World August '98 5.tif

E3 1999

Pac-Man World E3 '99

Pac-Man World in E3 '99


  • Pac-Man World was almost entitled Pac-Man 3D.
  • The game was made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pac-Man. Pac-Man World 3 was released for Pac-Man's 25th birthday and Pac-Man Party and Pac-Man Championship Edition DX were released for Pac-Man's 30th anniversary.
  • In 1996, Pac-Man Ghost Zone was being developed but was cancelled and later replaced by Pac-Man World. It was seen as a prototype.
  • Pooka, a character from Dig Dug, makes a cameo in this game.
  • During the intro cutscene for Pac-Man World 3, Pac-Man says this line, Oh well, at least this birthday is better than my 20th. this is a reference to Pac-Man World. (As PMW3 took place 5 years after PMW.
  • Pac-Man's adress, 7650, is a Japanese wordplay on Namco.

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