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Pac-Man Pinball Advance
is a pinball game for Gameboy Advance. The plot of the game focuses on the kidnapping of all the residents of Pac-Land by the four ghosts from the Pac-Man series, Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde. The plot is secondary to the gameplay of the game though, and mostly exists just as a premise to explain why Pac-Man is playing on a pinball table.

A sequel to this game, which was titled Super Pac-Man Pinball, was scheduled for a release in fall 2005, but it was cancelled, and the reasons why are still unknown.


Pac-Man Pinball Advance received mixed reviews from critics. Metacritic and GameRankings both gave the game a %52 and 50.40%. Frank Provo from GameSpot heavily criticized the game for its graphics engine and labeled the physics engine as "inappropriate." Provo also criticized the game for the high score table being absent. David Chapman from GameSpy praised Pac-Man Pinball Advance for capturing the feel of the Pac-Man series, but criticized the game for being "bland."


  • Pac-Man's artwork on the game box looks similar to the same artwork used on Pac-Man World's cover art.

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