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Pac-Man Party 3D is the Nintendo 3DS port of the original Wii game released a year before.



In this game all players start at Mr. Cookie's factory with 1000 cookies to start with. The main object is to collect the number of cookies, and get to the cookie factory to win. When a player goes to an empty space or an empty castle, you can build a castle or claim it. When you go to your own castle you will get cookies (depending on the level). A player landing on an opponent's castle will battle in a minigame (attack and defense). If the attacking player wins, the player takes the opponent's castle. If the defending player wins, the attack player/players lose the number of cookies (depending on the castle's level). If you land on a Millionaire Manor, something may be good for you. If you land on a Tarot Tent, something bad may happen. If you land on Dr. Labo's Lab, you might go to a different space. Go past a space enough times, and something big will happen, and then you will play a boss minigame. Return to the cookie factory to get a cookie bonus along with a castle bonus for each castle you have.


Mr. Cookie sent a letter to Pac-Man. He said that a thief is planning to steal the recipe for his cookies. Enclosed within the letter is the recipe. Then Blinky comes and steals the recipe and then tells Pac-Man he will only get the recipe back if he wins. Pac-Man then wins, but Blinky threw the recipe to Clyde, and told Pac-Man that in order to get the recipe, he has to go to Mirage Oasis. Then him and his friends left for the Oasis. It's up to Pac-Man to stop the ghosts in order to get the recipe back, while meeting new friends.


Pac-Man Party 3D - N3DS - Rediscover Pac-Man on 3DS! (E3 2011 Trailer)

Pac-Man Party 3D - N3DS - Rediscover Pac-Man on 3DS! (E3 2011 Trailer)