• Pac-Man Party's prototype box art
  • Pac-Man Party's offical cover
  • Pac-Man in Pac-Man Party
  • Blinky in Pac-Man Party
  • Pinky in Pac-Man Party
  • Inky in Pac-Man Party
  • Clyde in Pac-Man Party
  • Patra the Fox from Pac-Man Party
  • Woofa from Pac-Man Party
  • Roger from Pac-Man Party
Pac-Man Party
is a party game for the Nintendo Wii. It was released on November 16, 2010. It is similar to the Mario Party series and Monopoly games for the Wii. The player walks around the board placing castles on spaces. If the COM player (or the second player) lands on one of these castles, they will be forced to fight in a Mini-Game with whoever put the castle there. All characters have a new look. For Example: Pac-Man's Eyes are blue and Clyde is quite obese.

The game was later ported to the Nintendo 3DS on November 18, 2011.


While checking the mail one day, Pac-Man, found a letter from Mr. Cookie, the manager of the Cookie Pac-Dot factory saying that a thief is planning to steal his recipe to a batch of extra-powerful Power Cookies. Not long afterwards Blinky rammed into Pac-Man stealing the recipe in the process leaving Pac-Man to chase after him. Pac-Man will challenge the Ghost Gang again and meet new friends.

Playable Characters

Non playable Characters


Story & Party Modes


Classic Mode

  • Pac-Man-1980

-See main article Pac-Man.

  • Galaga-1981

Incoming Galaxian fighters detected! These legions from the planet Galaga will stop at nothing to invade Earth so you'll have to fly your Gyaraga fighter into battle and shoot em up. If your fighter's captured in a tractor beam then shoot the enemy fighter that has it captured to get twice the fire power!

  • Dig Dug-1982

Many creatures lurk below the Earth's surface waiting to attack unsuspecting humans. Defeat them as a human with a drill and pump weapon Taizo Hori! (a.k.a. Mr. Driller or Dig Dug)


The game received mixed to generally negative reviews. Nintendo Power gave both the 3DS and Wii versions a 4.5, while its November 2011 issue called the 3DS version "a lackluster hybrid of Monopoly and Mario Party". The magazine also called the 3DS version of the mini-games "seldom satisfying" and they criticized the controls. But, on a positive side, they praised the 3DS version for better music and ports of Pac-Man, Galaga, and Dig Dug. Metacritic gave it a 59/100 indicating "mixed reviews" based on 14 reviews, its user score, however, gave a more positive rating of 68%. GamesRaider criticized the repetitive and annoying sounds and criticized the game's Story Mode for being too easy and the only type in the game, but they praised the graphics, mini-games, and the bright and playful tone. GameInformer gave the game a 6.75/10.0, calling the AI a little consistent and not the most exciting to pull out at someone's own party. GameRankings was more positive on their review, and they gave the game a 61.96%. Official Nintendo Magazine gave the 3DS version a score of 37, saying it was like "a stale pack of Jammie Dodgers with a best before date that expired in the late 1990's". GamesMaster gave the 3DS version a 40.


  • This game is thought to have replaced the silently canceled game Pac-Man Carnival.
  • The 3DS story mode is much shorter due to there being two less worlds. Princess Patra is now met in spooky hallow and Woofa is now at celebration ave.
  • Princess Patra, Roger the Robot, & Woofa the Yeti make their debut this game.

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