In 1996, Namco distributed six medal-redemption games to arcades, alongside the release of Namco Classic Collection Volume 2. They are all based on Pac-Man (some more loosely than others); few were released outside of Japan, and none of them have ever received a rerelease of any form.

These games include:

  • Carnival - Appears to be some sort of roulette wheel. Mechanical-based, with no screen.
  • Pac-Eight - A video slot machine.
  • Pac-Adventure - A coin pusher featuring video elements.
  • Pac-Carnival - A video game adaption of Carnival.
  • Pac-Slot - Another video slot machine. This game is the only title currently available in MAME.
  • Pac-Cap - Possibly a ball-maneuvering mechanical game; no screen.

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