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The Pac-Man series is a series of video games that was created and owned by Namco. It mainly stars their mascot, Pac-Man on his journeys. The series usually stars Pac-Man in games where the objective is to eat all the dots in each maze and avoid the Ghost Gang or other Ghosts. Among other characters is Pac-Man's family, Ms Pac-Man , Pac-Man Junior and others who also run in mazes. Besides maze video games, Pac-Man has been on his own adventures in 2-D and 3-D platformer games.

Recurring Characters

  • Pac-Man - The main protagonist in most of the Pac-Man games. He is able to eat many large amounts of food at one time.
  • Ms. Pac-Man - Pac-Man's spouse. She is often concerned about her husband, and plays the role of a supporting character in most Pac-Man games.
  • Jr. Pac-Man - The son of Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man. He developed a love interest a ghost presumably related to Blinky, Yum-Yum.
  • Baby Pac-Man - The daughter of Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man. Appears to have fun playing with Pooka, a close family friend.
  • Blinky - The red ghost, considered the de facto leader. He sticks close on Pac-Man's tail and always takes the fastest route to him.
  • Pinky - The pink ghost. Appears to work in unison with Blinky to ambush Pac-Man.
  • Inky - The light blue ghost. Has a unique method of approaching Pac-Man, but may shy away at times.
  • Clyde - The orange ghost. Typically depicted as timid and cowardly.
  • Professor Pac-Man - An old, wise man. He knows a lot about the history of Pac-Land and Pac-Land in general. He helps Pac-Man on his adventure in Pac-Man World 2.


  • Sue - The purple ghost. Though not quite as fast as Blinky, she is a lot more aggressive, continuing to chase Pac-Man even after the ghosts reenter "scatter" mode.
  • Funky and Spunky - The two commons that appeared in Pac-Mania. They are both able to jump, and the latter can jump higher than Pac-Man, making her a greater potential threat than Funky.
  • Kinky - The yellow ghost that only appeared in Pac-Man Arrangement. He can fuse with the other ghosts to make larger, stronger, faster duplicates of them which contain special abilities. Kinky is the only ghost who has shown the ability to do so.
  • Spooky - A powerful ghost. He was sealed away years ago by Sir Pac-a-Lot, and later by Pac-Man.
  • Miru (Pal) - Pac-Man's friend. She helps out Pac-Man in Pac & Pal by moving items away from ghosts. She was replaced by Chomp-Chomp in the American release of the game, who is the family pet.
  • Pooka - An enemy from Dig Dug. He has, somehow, formed a friendship with the Pac-Man Family.

List of Pac-Man media


The growth of the Pac-Man series since its debut in 1980.

Arcade games

Name Original release date
Pac-Man 1980
Ms. Pac-Man 1981
Super Pac-Man 1982
Pac-Man Plus 1982
Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man 1982
Baby Pac-Man 1982
Professor Pac-Man 1983
Pac & Pal 1983
Jr. Pac-Man 1983
Pac-Land 1984
Pac-Mania 1987
Pac-Man Arrangement 1996
Pac-Man VR 1996
Pac-Man's 20th Anniversary 2001
Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Edition 2005
Pac-Man's Arcade Party 2010
Pac-Man Battle Royale 2011
Pac-Man Battle Royale DX 2011
Pac-Man Smash 2013
Pac-Man Chomp Mania 2013
Pac-Man Basket 2013
Pac-Man Swirl 2013
Pac-Man Ghostly Bowling 2014

Home console and portable games

Name Original release date
Pac-Attack 1993
Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures 1994
Pac-In-Time 1994
Pac-Man World 1999
Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness 2000
Pac-Man: Adventures in Time 2000
Ms. Pac-Man: Quest for the Golden Maze 2001
Pac-Man Fever 2001
Pac-Man World 2 2002
Pac-Man Vs. 2003
Pac-Pix 2005
Pac-Man Pinball Advance 2005
Pac 'n Roll 2005
Pac-Man World 3 2005
Pac-Man World Rally 2006
Pac-Man Championship Edition 2007
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX 2010
Pac-Man Party 2010
Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions 2011
Pac-Man Party 3D 2011
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ 2013
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (video game) 2013
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 2014

Animated Television Series

Original release date
" Pac-Man" 1982
"Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures" 2013

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