Pakkuman Game

The original 1970s Pac-Man Game

Ganso Pac-Man

The second 1980s Pac-Man Game

Pac-Man (パックマンゲーム Pakkuman Geimu) was a board game by TOMY released in 1976, predating the video game. Up to four players use multicolored "hands" to fling chips into Pac-Man's mouth, which rotates while opening and closing his mouth.

It was later released in the US as Mr. Mouth.

During the Midway Manufacturing v. Bandai-America case, the defense (Bandai) used the existence of this game in an unsuccessful attempt to show that Midway/Namco did not come up with the original idea for Pac-Man.[1]

TOMY later reissued this game as a tie in with the video game as The Original Pac-Man Game (元祖パックマンゲーム Ganso Pakkuman Geimu), this time with Ghost Monster game pieces.



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