Pac-Man for the SNES is a game possibly released in 1995 developed by Life Fitness, making use of the SNES Exertainment Bike. It was possibly canceled mid-development as no copies have currently been discovered, although it is possible it was released in very limited quantities, similar to Pac-Man VR.

The only evidence of the game's existence is from a Nintendo Power article detailing the bike and the games released/planning to be released for the peripheral. Judging by said article, the game's mechanics are close to the original, except the faster you pedal, the faster Pac-Man will move. Pac-Man is also able to collect power-ups, like hammers and ray guns. Artwork of a ghost wearing a beanie cap (presumably Clyde) is shown as well, which could indicate the game featured different locations with the characters based on them, rather than a single themed level with the same graphics.


  • In 1982, plans were underway for a similar game to be released for the Atari 5200. A canceled 5200 peripheral, the Puffer, was an exercise bike similar to the Exertainment Bike; a modified version of Ms. Pac-Man was planned to be released alongside it [1].