Pac-In-Time screenshot level 1

Gameplay of first level (SNES version)

Pac-In-Time screenshot level 1 (Super GB)

Game Boy version gameplay (Super Game Boy screen)

Pac-In-Time is a Pac-Man video game developed by Kalisto and published by Namco, in 1994. It was released for MS-DOS PC, Macintosh, Super NES, and Game Boy.


The Ghost Witch casts a spell on Pac-Man, which sends him back in time and makes him younger. Pac-Man must journey through locations such as forests and fight creatures like bats and ghosts, with the goal of finding his way back to the present.


Pac-In-Time is a side-scrolling platformer. Pac-Man bounces and rolls around the levels, collecting dots and items, while fighting enemies. Items are gained by having Pac-Man jump through hoops. There are special items that have specific uses; for example, the bubble item lets Pac-Man dive under water. Pac-Man can attack enemies, such as by shooting fireballs to defeat them.

The game uses a password system to save progress.

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