Pac-Dot Pond

Pac-Dot Pond Title Screen

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2 (bonus)
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Pac-Dot Pond is the fourth level of Pac-Man World 2. In this level, the player is taught how to stop in the middle of a rev-roll.


After walking out of the tiny hole and regrowing back to normal size, Pac-Man will find himself on a mountain high above a large river. He will also find a beetle guarding the path. Once past the beetle, he will jump onto a floating platform, and take a pac-dot chain up to a higher part of the cliff, where he'll need to jump across multiple platforms of land, up a waterfall, and to a checkpoint even higher on the mountain.

When Pac-Man reaches the checkpoint, he'll come across a pink RGB on the other side of the small flowing river. Then Pac-Man will find himself in a large pond (presumably Pac-Dot Pond), where many pac-dot chains will be found. After following these chains one after another, Pac-Man will eat his chomp his way up out of the pond to the front of a large gap.

A sign will inform Pac-Man how to stop in the middle of a rev-roll, which will help him from rolling into the second pit after he has cleared the first. When Pac-Man clears both gaps, he'll come across a ghost, a green RGB and a third pit, which can be cleared by jumping on platforms. After Pac-Man makes it across the third gap, he'll find a long clear path, the end of the level.

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