The Pac-Asite is found in the forest the tree tops and the volcano of Pac-Land in Pac-Man World 2. It can be defeated by a butt bounce and the fiery one can be defeated by a butt bounce with steel ball power up (chrome). There could be Snow Pac-Asites in the snow mountains but they were not found in the game


A fiery Pac-Asite in its habitat attacking Pac-Man

In Game Description

"Pac-Asites are a strange combination of a velociraptor and a pit-bull. They have the pack hunting instincts of velociraptors, with the size and ferocity of a pit-bull. Watch out for the fiery Pac-Asite deep in the lava tubes!"


Pac-Asites are constantly charging towards Pac-People. Pac-Asites are a danger to other species and races as well.

Related Animals



Snow Pac-Bear

Snow Pac-Cub

Fiery Pac-Asite

Snow Pac-Asite

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