The Overlords of the Outer Regions are a group of ancient and very powerful aliens who oversee the region of space containing Pac-World, the Netherworld and Planet Pointy Head. They don't seem to take their jobs very seriously, instead preferring to take "space naps" for centuries on end as they tire very easily when awake. They have the power to warp the space in their region, such as opening portals, teleporting objects and freezing people in place. They also have the ability to conjure vehicles and racing archways in mere seconds, although it is unknown if this is with the aid of magic, technology or other unknown ability.


Cosmic Contest

They first appeared in the episode "Cosmic Contest" where they sought to put an end to the hostility between the Ghosts, Pac-People and Pointy Heads because their constant bickering woke them from their space nap. To settle things, they had members from all three races compete against each other in a cosmic race and the loser's race would then be exiled to another dimension, which the Overlords believed would allow them to sleep peacefully again. In the end, when Pac-Man and the Pointy Head won the race with their cooperation, which resulted in a tie, the Overlords were too tired to hold another race and decide to forget the whole thing, but they did praise them for the willingness to work together, showing that there was hope for them after all, but Overlords did warn them that if they cause a ruckus again they will annihilate them all.


  • Their true forms and species are never seen as they only spoke through a bright multi-colored portal, however they did mention that they had hair.
  • They seem to have high expectations for Pac-Man, believing that someday he'll be strong enough to challenge them, indicating that they believe Pac-Man will be worthy of their position as a space overlord in the future.

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