Outtakes are special bloopers that appear in Pac-Man World. These outtakes are only available after the player defeats Toc-Man at least once. There are six outtakes in total:

  • Junior Abduction - The small robot appears and takes Junior's cap, but after it grabs Junior, it runs off with Junior not fitting in.
  • Pac-Entry - Pac-Man attempts to push open the door to Toc-Man's Lair but accidentally knocks over the door.
  • Pac Eats Orson - Pac-Man grabs a Power Pellet out of his pocket to eat Orson, but when he eats it, he chokes on it and Orson doesn't turn blue, which results in Pac-Man spitting out the Power Pellet.
  • Toc-Man Stomp (referred to as Toc Stomp by the actor) - Toc-Man stomps on the ground saying, "Look, here I am!" Just then, one of the cameras falls on his foot, causing him to say angrily, "That thing almost killed me! Medic!" He then walks off the stage limping (even though he is a ghost and protected by a robotic body).
  • Professor Abduction - Professor Pac is seen outside looking at a map until the spaceship arrives to suck him in but only his eyes, nose, hat, mailbox and part of his fence get sucked in, leaving him eyeless, noseless and hatless.
  • Pac-Landing - Pac-Man rides his boat to the island but accidentally trips and crashes into the camera while trying to get out.

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