"It's so unfair, you ruined everything. Nobody loves a ghost." ―- Orson, Pac-Man World

"Try to bring her back in one piece, two at most" —- Orson, Pac-Man World 3

Orson (Japanese: オーソン Oson) first appeared in Pac-Man World. He only directly appeared at the end, after Pac-Man defeated his Toc-Man robot. Orson was once eaten by Pac-Man, after he claims "Nobody loves a ghost." He returns in Pac-Man World 3 as an ally. He is the one who tells Pac-Man about Erwin's evil plot, and builds a new Toc-Man to assist Pac.



Orson in Pac Man World 3.


Orson is green in color and has a high pitched voice. He is generally regarded as a super genius.


Smart and kind, Orson shares a mutual respect with Pac-Man, despite getting eaten by him once. While Orson has a tendency to be skittish, he will always be there to help Pac-Man when the need arises.


Early life

Orson always had a love for science, but he became jealous of Pac-Man because of his popularity. Orson wanted Pac-Man to be forgotten so he himself can become more popular than Pac-Man. Orson's life back then, however, was very different then the party life he lives in current times.

Pac-Man World

Pacman world - Ending and Credits

Pacman world - Ending and Credits

Orson constructed Toc-Man sometime around his early twenties, the same age as Pac-Man. Orson planned that Toc-Man would work for him and help him overthrow Pac-Man. Orson taught Toc-Man to serve him and obey him. Nevertheless, Toc-Man enjoyed partying rather than chase after Pac-Man until Pac-Man appeared in Ghost Island. Though Pac-Man was invading and Toc-Man didn't know well of what to do, as he never listened to Orson.

Pac-Man World 3

Pac-Man World Cutscene 3

Pac-Man World Cutscene 3

Pac-Man defeated Toc-Man and Orson noticed his strength. Pac-Man would sometimes work for Orson in a capacity similar to an agent. Orson would assign Pac-Man missions in Pac-Man World 3. Once the objectives started getting rough, Orson would allow Pac-Man to utilize his old Toc-Man machine, thus the missions became easier and Pac-Man was able to defeat Erwin and the rest of the famed ghosts.

It is unknown if his affiliation with Pac-Man ended in tragedy following Pac-Man's decision to eat and shoo off the four main Ghosts at the end of Pac-Man World 3.


  • Despite being linked to the series and appearing exclusively in the trilogy, Orson doesn't appear in Pac-Man World 2.
  • Orson always talks in a scientific manner.
  • Though he is not to be mixed up with Spunky, the two are very similar because they are both gray in color. Orson's grey, however is of a different tint.
  • Orson has dark green gloves in Pac-Man World, but in Pac-Man World 3, Orson wears darker green gloves.
  • Orson is the only Pac-Man World character not to appear in Pac-Man World Rally. But it is possible that he is the one controlling Toc-Man in it.
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