Ogle's Infamous Slug Dog And Roach Burgers

Ogle's Infamous Slug Dog And Roach Burgers is the Netherworld's most frequented restaurant which is named after, owned and managed by Chef Ogle. It is frequently seen in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures as the Ghost Gang's favorite hangout.


Ogle serves a wide variety of Netherworld cuisine which would naturally be inedible by Pac-Worlders but edible for Ghosts and Monsters. However even Ghosts are not fond of all the dishes on Ogle's menu, specifically Sludge Stew. It is revealed though that the reason Ghosts can enjoy Ogle's food so much is due to their lack of real taste buds, as their Ghostly taste buds appear to taste them differently. The majority of Ogle's dishes are made up of slugs, roaches and slime.

  • Slug Dogs: Slugs that have been boiled and placed in a warm moldy bun and slathered with condiments like ketchup and mustard (or sewage) as though it were a Hot Dog.
  • Slug Malt: A frothy beverage made of Slug slime and topped with live Slugs.
  • Fire Slugs: Slugs that have been placed on a dish and set ablaze, similar to a Flambé.
  • Fried Slugs: Slugs that have been fried in grease and made crunchy and crispy, similar to popcorn or chips.
  • Roach Burgers: Numerous crispy fried roaches stuffed between two burger buns.
  • Maggotroni & Cheese: Boiled large open-mouthed maggots that have been slathered with rotten melted cheese.
  • Roaches & Eyeballs: Steamed slimy eyeballs and crunchy roaches served on a plate.
  • Grilled Foot: The large foot of an unidentified creature that has been grilled like a steak.
  • Broiled Tentacle: A giant tentacle of an unknown creature that has been burnt to a pitch black by Dragon flames.
  • Eyeball Gelatin: A viscous pale-colored slime gelatin filled with eyeballs.
  • Sludge Stew: The least popular of Ogle's dishes. Basically sewage or Ghost slime that has been boiled in a pot with worms.
  • Refreshing Spit Beverage: As the name indicates, it is just Ogle's slimy spit placed in a glass with bones and ice cubes.
  • Weevil Waffles:
  • Monster Meatloaf: Not seen, but mentioned by Dr. Buttocks.
Slug Dog
Roach Burger
Slug Malt
Fire Slugs
Fried Slugs
Maggotroni & Cheese
Roaches & Eyeballs
Grilled Foot
Broiled Tentacle
Eyeball Gelatin
Sludge Stew
Refreshing Spit Beverage

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