Neander-Pac are the prehistoric ancestors of the Pac-People. They are square-shaped and are often aggressive towards Pac-Man and his allies. They first appeared as enemies in Pac-Man World and they continued on into Pac-Man World 2. They are square shaped and they try to crush Pac-Man with their clubs. When killed, they will break up into many tiny cupes and will often hold a fruit or other goods.

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Pac-Man World

Neander-Pacs first appear in this game. They first appear in Crisis Cavern and try to attack Pac-Man with their clubs. Because of their slow speed, they are easily disposed of for 100 points. Their in-game description reads: "Ever wonder what the Pac-People evolved from? This club-carrying enemy is definitely a block-head!"


Two Neander-Pacs attacking Ms. Pac-Man.

Pac-Man World 2

A group of Neander-Pacs appear in the Lava tubes and are summoned in the Spooky boss fight.

Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness

Neander-Pacs are enemies of Ms. Pac-Man in the stages Pacfooticus Stompicus, Freezer Burn, and Boulder Over. They are slow enemies, but are able to breathe a large amount of fire at Ms. Pac-Man. They are easily defeated after eating a Power Pellet.


  • The Neander-Pacs appear in the Pac-Man animated series in the episode Neander Pac-Man, though they are depicted as round rather than square.