Artwork for Pac-Tune, a game created through the Namco Creators' Program

In the mid-2010s, Namco announced a Japan-only program for use by indie and student game developers. The program allowed the usage of several early Namco franchises for iOS, Android, and Flash games. As such, developers quietly released several Pac-Man games on said devices, with Namco's permission to do so.

Pac-Man Games

A developer can choose from several Namco franchises when making a game, including multiple at once. As such, games can also be littered with references to the Pac-Man series (not documented in this list). Some non-Pac games released through the program include Mappy Showdown!, Bradig (Dig Dug), and Touch the Mappy.

Not much is known about many of the titles; most of the information here is inferred from screenshots and videos. A handful have made it to US and European territories, but most are still difficult to access overseas.

  • Eyeresh with Pac-Man - Appears to be some sort of optical illusion for use with VR goggles.
  • Mobile e-Sports with Pac-Man - Some sort of betting game. Said to be "suspended from program".
  • Mega Run meets Pac-Man - A 2D runner featuring Pac-Man and friends. Made by Kemco, who also released the Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle series; due to being a more experienced company, the game is quite fleshed out compared to the other Pac-Man titles from the program.
  • Furious Musume! Dodge and Dash Pacman - A Flappy Bird-like game.
  • MilboxTouch VR PAC-MAN - VR remake of the original Pac-Man. One of few titles released in the US.
  • Pacman Shanghai Mahjong - A standard Mahjong game with Namco graphics.
  • Furious Musume! Tracing Pacman
  • PAC MEME - Dry Eye Alarm - The "meme" part appears to be a mistranslation. Game says it "Prevents dry eyes"; likely some sort of VR simulation.
  • Mushrooms Pacman ("To Ghost's Attack") - Collect the fruit while avoiding running into ghosts.
  • Pac-Tune - Likely a rhythm game, or possibly something similar to Nintendo's Electroplankton. Also appears to have a music creation mode.
  • Fly Away! PAC-MAN RUN - Appears to be a 3D endless runner, similar to the Flash game Run.
  • Furious Musume! Pacman Mugen Tower - A puzzle game where you must keep Pac-Man safe without crushing him.
  • The CARD - Respectable Pacman

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