The Mummy walking in the middle of Manic Mines.

The Mummy is an enemy from Pac-Man World. It appears in the Volcano Ruins and in the level Manic Mines. The Mummy is a little mummy, about the size of Pac-Man, and emerge from sarcophagus' all over the level. They only appear 3 times, one at the beginning, one in the middle of the level, and one at the end.

The Mummy attacks Pac-Man by drop kicking him. It acts as a sort of Rev-Roll. The Mummy has a sharp spike on its head, making them invulnerable to Butt-Bounces. Thus, the only way to defeat a Mummy is to Rev-Roll into it. If Pac-Man is not in the way, Mummies will walk around quite zombie-like, but the moment they see Pac-Man, the immediately take not of his presence and attack him.


  • The Mummy only appears in the level, Manic Mines.
  • The Mummy is the 3rd enemy to appear in one level only. The others being Walking Barrels exclusive to Corsair's Cove, and the Mini Cork Cannons exclusive to Crazy Cannonade.
  • The sound effect of the Mummy's drop kick is identical to that of Pac-Man's Rev-Roll.

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