Monsters and Robots are the primary generic enemies in Pac-Man World 3. They are presumably commanded by Erwin.

Types of Monsters


Pac-Man fighting a horde of Armalopes.


Armalopes are easily the most common enemies in the game. They simply try to attack Pac-Man with jabs and punches. Very easy to defeat.

Spiked Armalopes

Exactly like Armalopes, but have spikes on their heads and backs. Regardless, still very easy to defeat.


Tiny roach-like creatures that come from holes in the ground. They can be a nuisance, but they're easy to defeat.


They're big, dumb, but very strong.

Ancient Defenders

Scorpion-like creatures that have vicious spear-like tails.

Mighty Lummox

These are probably what will give Pac-Man the most trouble. They're big, strong, and attack surprisingly quickly. Size can be used against them, though.

Mech Lummox

Exactly like Lummoxes, but have Bomb-A-Tron dispensers (below) attached to their backs.

Type of Robots


Erwin's warriors. Advanced versions have laser guns and energy shields, so Pac-Man should be careful.


Disc-like enemies with razors on their sides. Butt-Bounces will prove effective against them.

Bomb-A-Tron Dispensers

Dispense Bomb-A-Trons.


Bomb-like kamikaze enemies that walk around and explode, somewhat like Bob-Ombs from the Mario series.


Most of these enemies can be taken down by butt-bouncing them once. Rev-rolling may also be the case. However, a more powerful way to destroy more then one monster is to eat a power pellet and circle the enemies. They will all fall dead for two seconds and then disappear.

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