The term "Monsters" redirects here. For info on the Spectral Monsters, head to that page. For info on the generic enemies in Pac-Man World 3, see Monsters and Robots.

Monsters is a term used to refer to any mysterious creatures or beings seen in the Pac-Man series that have a horrific appearance or posses unique traits and powers but are not considered Ghosts. Many monsters are usually enemies.

The term monsters is also used to refer to any of the horrific fauna or flora that hails from the Netherworld in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Monster Varieties


Dragons are large red scaled winged reptiles with only one eye and the ability to breath fire. They commonly inhabit the skies and canyons in the Netherworld.

Fluffy's species

Fluffy's unnamed species are large three-headed poodles with white coats and a cutesy appearance, but can transform into a more horrific black furred form with red eyes and fangs.

Fuzbitz's species

Fuzbitz's unnamed species is a small race of tiny furry monsters with orange and brown fur, large ears, big eyes, and small black feet. They are extremely voracious and can appear cute at first but can change their facial expressions to more menacing ones with pointy ears and teeth and red eyes.


Giant three-eyed monsters with tiny wings and horns. They appear to be the most muscular monsters and are often seen patrolling many areas in the Netherworld.


Monobats are one-eyed bats that inhabit caves in the Netherworld.


Slugs are extremely common pests in the Netherworld which are harvested as food for Ghosts and other Monsters.

Slug Cams

Slug Cams are a breed of Slugs that can transmit what they see to special monitors made by Dr. Buttocks. They are mainly used to spy on the Pac-Worlders for Betrayus.


A black medium sized monster with 2 legs, a long eel-like body, and multi-eyed face full of sharp teeth. Despite its ferocious appearance, its actually quite wimpy and smaller ones are even kept as pets by Ghosts.

Venus Dragon Flytrap

Large carnivorous plants that are indigenous to the Netherworld.

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