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Miru (ミル - "Pal" in English) is a major Ghost character in the game Pac & Pal where in the game she acts as an ally or an obstacle to Pac-Man.


Betraying the ghosts

Unlike the rest of the ghosts throughout the Ghost Island, Miru chooses to help Pac-People rather then hurt them. Together, her and Pac-Man fought the ghosts in a maze, as Pac-Man brings fruit to Miru and she leaves it in the ghost pen in which it is perfectly safe and out of the ghost's harm. For this, the ghosts do not like Miru and are constantly against her.

Special job

Miru has a special job in the games. She retrieves fruit from Pacman and brings it to the ghost pen. The ghosts have no possible way of getting the food from Miru, thus it is safe from the ghosts harm. It is not known why Pacman and Miru are taking the fruit and keeping it from the ghosts, other than just to have fun with the game.


  • Miru and Orson are the only ghosts in the series who become allies of Pac-Man's. Pinky, Clyde, Inky, and Blinky where Pac-Man's allies momentarly in Pac-Man World 3, when they had a common enemy.
  • The reason Miru can be seen as an ally or an obstacle is because the player can see her as either another way to clear the board or as just another ghost trying to hinder Pac-Man's progress. In addition, the Namco Museum Remix series' description of Pac & Pal warns the player of Miru stealing fruit instead of keeping it from ghosts.
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