Mini Cork Cannon

A Mini Cork Cannon

A Mini Cork Cannon is an enemy in Pac-Man World. They look like little cannons, and have a cork attached to a string covering it.

A Mini Cork Cannon is an un-common enemy and only appears in the level Crazy Cannonade. They usually sit around and when Pac-Man comes along they will jump up and will shoot Pac-Man with the little cork they have. They are easy to kill. You only need to Butt-Bounce on it. Rev-Rolling also works, but it may result in you losing health. You can also Pac-Shoot it.

There are a few of them spread around Crazy Cannonade, usually on ledges or narrow paths. The only time there is a group of them is in the middle of Crazy Cannonade, there is a bunch of enemies (Sword Skeletons, Parrots). There is a Super Butt-Bounce power up Pac-Man uses to destroy all of the enemies there including multiple Mini Cork Cannons.

Mini Cork Cannons will also try to push you off the ledge like Blue Aliens do. Although this is un-likely to happen, they mostly just hurt you with their cork.


  • Just like the Walking Barrel, Mini Cork Cannons have only appeared in one level. This could be because Crazy Cannonade is about cannons and Corsair's Cove is about Barrels.

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