The Krome Keeper appears in Pac-Man World.


Krome Keeper is a level, and boss in Pac-Man World. It is the fifth boss, and is the 19th level in the game. It is the boss of the Pac-Dot Factory, the fifth area on Ghost Island. The Krome Keeper is located in a big, metallic room with a giant pool of a green liquid that harms Pacman on contact. The Krome Keeper robot is in the back of the room, running on a treadmill while boxes on a treadmill in front of him roll down. Pacman cannot have physical contact with the Krome Keeper, for there is a strip of green liquid in front of the box treadmill that Pacman can't get across. On each side of the big green pool, there are two small switches on the floor, and one in the back, facing Krome Keeper. However, there is steam coming out of the switches, so Pacman cannot Butt Bounce on them. Also, on the ceiling, there are two large magnets circling the green pool. The Krome Keeper's long health bar is at the bottom of the screen.


To defeat Krome Keeper, you must turn his own factory against him. Remember those boxes rolling in front of Krome Keeper? When they come in front of him, he'll kick them out onto Pacman's area. Most of these boxes are metal, and just explode on contact. The less frequent kinds are made of wood, and don't break on contact with the ground. Pacman needs to destroy these, and get the Chrome Suit inisde them. Now Pacman can Butt Bounce on the Steam Switches without being harmed. However, the big magnets rotating around the pool will pick Pacman up, and drop him in the liquid, which won't harm him while wearing the Chrome Suit, but will keep him at the bottom of the pool, and waste his time of getting to all the switches. In order to damage the Krome Keeper, Pacman must hit all four switches, which will open up the fifth switch in the front of the pool. After hitting all of the switches, a large piece of metal will come down and hit Krome Keeper in the head. Repeat this, and the player will defeat Krome Keeper, and gains 5,000 points.


  • There is an extra life on a pipe on the right side of the room. Pacman cannot reach it. The player needs to coax the Krome Keeper to kick a wooden box right in front of the pipe by standing in front of it. Then, jump on the box, then onto the pipe, and grab the Extra Life.