A Kinky Mutation is when the Pac-Man ghost from Pac-Man Arrangement, Kinky merges with another ghost to create a bigger, stronger, and more vicious ghost that will commonly charge at Pac-Man depending on the mutation.

Kinky's forms


When Kinky merges with Blinky, it becomes a bull. This special ability that the mutation gives is charging.


When Kinky merges with the pink ghost Pinky, it becomes a rabbit. This gives the form the ability to jump at high lengths making it easier to make Pac-Man lose a life.


When Kinky merges with Inky he is allowed to clone himself to destroy Pac-Man.


Lastly, Clyde and Kinky will merge constantly. Clyde will grow to a massive size and spit out more pellets for Pac-Man to eat.


  • The mutations stay the same color as the original ghost that Kinky had merged with.
  • The new forms do not have names because they are the same character, however, they just appear differently due to the mutation.

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