K-Trons are robot warriors of Erwin. They appear in Pac-Man World 3 in two variants: the yellow, normal K-Tron (which, depending on the level, can or cannot shoot lasers) and the red K-Tron, which has a bubble-shield that can be destroyed by a 3 Butt-Bounce combo. When a K-Tron is killed, it will explode into small pieces.


A red K-Tron


The K-Trons' main function is to serve as elite warriors for Erwin's army. They have tough armor and can fly. The more advanced ones have energy shields, when their armor becomes weakened their eye turns from red to green & back to red.

Technological Guide

The K-Trons have an advanced almost brain like function. They balance on one all-terrain wheel and their energy shield and laser are plasma based (there's no other way to make a laser). The fact they can fly is weird because no flying mechanism is seen on them. When not shooting lasers they wack the enemy with a hammer like arm. They appear to have one eye which they use to see. It is green when they don't detect any sign of intruders or when they are damaged, and it turns red when finding an intruder. No one knows what the "K" in "K-Tron" stands for. It may be from "Killer" or possibly the "K" may have something to do with Erwin hating kittens.


Banni Wastelands


Gogekka Central

Zephyr Heights

Banni Canyon

Toc-Man Battle

Cragstone Bridge

Erwin's Fortress

Dungen Gunden

Shadow Temple


  • Pac-Man shows he knows their name despite it never being mentioned by characters or in previous games.
  • The Gyrotron is another robot with a similar name but less advanced.
  • They are smaller than Pac-Man and Clyde in the battle with Erwin's army.

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