Idmon, a green spider, is the Third Boss in Pac-Man Party, located in Spooky Hallow. He is also Arachne's Father. He is supposed to be an oversized Spider. He can be awakened by chipping a face in the pumpkin he lives in. He also resides in the Pac-Man World.His web then breaks and he falls into the lava, leading him to his death.

How He Appears

He appears in an AMS (Anime Movie Scene) sequence, first you see two bats fly in between two towers then it shows the ground the pumpkin (that you chipped on) goes up into the air and the holes glow. Then the pumpkin shoots out two fireballs out of it's mouth then the eight legs comes out of the pumkins sides, the Pumpkin explodes revealing the green Spider inside who is angry for having his home chiped on then a weird lining appears and when it's done tracing his body he yells.

How to Beat Idmon

Ehen they go back to the game, most of the board is covered in lava. When it's time to fight him the players have to work together to free butterflies that he traps on his web, when they free the butterflies a giant pumpkin gets dropped on Idmon.The players have to keep doing this until Idmon gets defeated.

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