Icy Islands is a mini-game in Pac-Man Party.


The players are seen on ice platforms, and soon get scared as they are heading for a waterfall.


The object of this mini-game is to make it to the finish line first or be the last player standing. The players must jump island by island until the mini-games ends. If the player uses there Power Cookie, the islands will expand for the player who used there Power Cookie. If any players get too far behind or fall into the water, they are disqualified for the rest of the mini-game.


D-Pad - Move. 2 Button - Jump.


The winner(s) do their victory poses, while the losing player(s) do their losing poses. Any players who fell into the water are seen enclosed in ice.


  • The banners at the end of the mini-game read "Pac-Man's 30th Anniversary."
  • Despite being a yeti, which many of them live in the cold and like cold water, Woofa will freeze if he falls into the water.
  • This mini-game most likely takes place on Crystal Cliffs, because that board involves snow, and this mini-game involves snow as well.

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