Health Wedges provide one health point for the player in the Pac-Man World games. Pac-Man's Health Meter is made up of three health wedges, that resembles the arcade sprite of Pac-Man from the original Pac-Man. When Pac-Man is hit, one of Pac-Man's pieces of health will vanish. Pac-Man can get hit four times: he will die on the fourth hit, losing a life.

In Pac-Man World

Health Wedges are scattered around through the levels. They are picked up by being walked into, regardless of Pac-Man's current health.

In Pac-Man World 2

On another note, Pac-Man will not pick up a Health Wedge if his Health Meter is full: trying to touch one at full health will result in the wedge spinning around, somehow rejecting Pac-Man from picking it up. Collecting tokens from a level and then revisiting it will turn the tokens into health wedges. Eating 50 Pac-Dots will act as a Wedge.


A Health Wedge

In-game description:

"During each level, pie-shaped wedges will appear which replenish Pac-Man's Health Meter. Each wedge picked up adds one Health Wedge to the Health Meter."

In Pac-Man World 3

Health Wedges can be found throughout the world and sometimes in containers. Bigger Wedges also spawn, which will replenish all the player's health, but can also be picked up when the player is missing only one to two health points. They will turn semi-transparent when touched at full health. Unlike in World 2, the player can't eat 50 Pac-Dots for one health point.

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