Grave Danger is the twenty-second level in Pac-Man World, as well as the third level in Toc-Man's Mansion. The cloud's Make it tough, so the best way is to jump on them (although they disappear in a few seconds). Ms. Pac-Man is at the end of the level, although the key needed for unlocking the cage is back in the previous level, Creepy Catacombs. Now How To Collect The Letter's

"P" - Beyond your start point, head left and fall down a pit to find a green switch, that causes 5 Pac-Dot's to appear, and the "P".

"A1" - After Making it to Checkpoint #1, look for a Peach Door near you. Jump on the clouds and get the Peach, and open the Peach Door for the first "A".

"C" - After Making it to Checkpoint #2, you'll find a Cherry Door. Forget about the Cherry Door, and jump on the cloud to reach a Banana. Conitune on until you spot a Banana Door with a Blue Switch in it. Hit the Blue Switch, and take the dot chain back to the ledge by Checkpoint #2 to find a Cherry. Now open the Cherry Door for the "C".

"M" - Once you make it to Checkpoint #3, you'll spot a Pear Door nearby. Conitune on until you reach a ledge with a treasure chest, and bust it open for the Pear. Go back and open the Pear Door for the "M".

"A2" - After passing Checkpoint #4, go south and go over a blue platform and a cloud to get the second "A".

ENEMIES Bat Torch Skeleton Gravestone Fire Breathing Statue Stormcloud Ghost's Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Cydle (Maze)

"N" - After getting the second Peach for the Peach Door by the hole, conitune going right until you find another cloud. Jump on top of it for the "N"..

In the maze game, two green ghosts joined Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde to antagonize Pac-Man.

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