Golden fruit

The Golden Apple that Clyde picks off the tree.

The Golden Fruit are five magical fruit that appear in Pac-Man World 2. They are used on the tree in Pac-Village to imprison Spooky in its roots.


Long ago, the great wizard Pac took five fruit (cherries, a strawberry, an apple, a pear, and bananas) and transformed them into magical fruit. Sir Pac-A-Lot used the Golden Fruit to defeat Spooky and imprison him under the Golden Fruit Tree in the center of Pac-Village. Thousands of years later, the Ghost Gang (Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde) unwittingly picked the fruit from the tree. A storm appeared in the sky and Spooky was unleashed. The Ghost Gang followed Spooky in his quest to destroy Pac-Land by taking the Golden Fruit. Pac-Man heads on a quest and defeats the Ghost Gang obtaining one Golden Fruit at a time. He then uses the five Golden Fruit and turns gold to defeat Spooky and imprison him back under the tree.