Gogekka Heights is the eighth level of Pac-Man World 3. Erwin has set fire to Gogekka and Pac-Man must put out the fires before all of Gogekka crumbles to the ground. With the help of Pinky and Clyde, Pac-Man navigates through Gogekka, putting out every fire he sees. All along, however, Orson hints at something even more ominous: a ticking noise which he refers to as a "bonus" so as not to scare Pac-Man. However, after the fires have been put out, Pac-Man finds an enormous bomb (which is what Orson was hinting at) and must defuse it within a matter of minutes before it explodes, taking the Gogekka towers with it. Pac-Man defuses the bomb and Erwin promises to have a more challenging obstacle for him to overcome next time.

Gogekka Heights is not your ordinary Pac-Man World 3 level. The main difficulty of this level is that it is problematic to navigate due to the fires. Also, Gogekka Heights is more hurried than previous levels, as there are two times when time is of the essence (both when Pac-Man escapes the rising goo and defuses the bomb). It is one of the only levels in the game where quick reactions are absolutely necessary, although they are valued in other levels. This makes Gogekka Heights one of the more difficult levels of Pac-Man World 3.