"Have you seen any syphons around here?"
— Pac-Man to Gogekka's Janitor

Gogekka Central is located near the Banni Wastelands, and the first level where you play as Pinky after you free her from the Spectral Fiend.

Nefarious Scheme 57

"Hey, uh, Thanks a lot there buddy. I've been holed up here for about two weeks now, and I have to tend to Gogekka Towers, or else they'll fall apart."
— Janitor of Gogekka

When Pac-Man is teleported to Gogekka, He first has to defeat a hoard of armalopes. After this is done, he talk to the janitor of Gogekka, who kindly explains to him all about Gogekka Towers. When asked about syphons, he tells Pac-man that there is one atop the Towers, andhe would like it destroyed and off his Towers before the weight of it sends the Towers crashing because of the lack of matinence the towers have recieved.

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