Glitchy is one of the eight ghosts from Pac-Man 256, he appears to change colors whilst consumed by the Glitch.


Glitchy appears at a later point in the game. He appears and disappears in a clutter of characters, with a Glitch trail following him while he chases Pac-Man. The trail doesn't harm Pac-Man, however.


  • Glitchy is the only Ghost made for Pac-Man 256, as every other ghost appears in other games.
  • When viewed in the Ghost records, Glitchy appears to have multiple colors, instead of changing colors like he does in-game.
  • Glitchy changes colors possibly so he could have more similarities to the Glitch.
  • Glitchy will only turn the colors red, blue, pink and orange, the colors of the original ghost gang.
  • Glitchy can still teleport while frightened and frozen/slowed down.