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In the Pac-Man mazes, Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde all have different strategies on how to attack Pac-Man. See Clyde and Blinky error.



  • Color: Red
  • Position: Leader, First to leave the box
  • Nickname: Shadow
  • Notes: Often called Blinky
  • Strategy: Sneak charge
  • Japanese translation: Chaser (or Shadow)


Blinky's nickname "Shadow" comes from the fact that Blinky will almost always be trailing behind Pac-Man. However, once he reaches his "Cruise Elroy" phase, Blinky will start to cruise at Pac-Man's speed, and even faster once more dots have been eaten.



  • Color: Pink
  • Position: Often second to leave the box
  • Nickname: Speedy
  • Notes: Watch out for her
  • Strategy: Ambush
  • Japanese translation: Ambusher


Pinky is nicknamed Speedy and she will often follow Pac-Man's direction, not Pac-Man himself, then, she'll try her best to go around the walls and take you out. But, sometimes, she'll turn away if Pac-Man and her come face-to-face, in "scatter" mode, she often hangs in the top left corner of the maze.



  • Color: Light Blue
  • Position: Often third to leave the box
  • Nickname: Bashful
  • Notes: Dangerous, keep an eye on him
  • Strategy: All
  • Japanese translation: Fickle (to change opinion quickly, as Inky's target space moves around the map quickly)


If you read all of the other ghost strategies, you'll see that what makes Inky so dangerous is Blinky only attacks when Pac-Man is nearby, Pinky ambushes and Clyde wanders around, but Inky does all of those, so he's extremely dangerous. He appears to attack when Blinky is close, but Pac-Man can trick Inky by facing up.



  • Color: Orange
  • Position: Often last to leave to the box
  • Nickname: Pokey
  • Notes: Often called Clyde
  • Strategy: Random pattern attack
  • Japanese translation: Feigning ignorance


Clyde is nicknamed Pokey because after he leaves the box, he will head to Pac-Man, but once close, turn directions to head back to his "scatter" phase target space. When in the lower left part of the maze, Clyde becomes extremely dangerous.

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