Fygar is a character from the 1982 game, Dig Dug. He also appears as a racer in Pac-Man World Rally.

In Dig Dug

In Dig Dug, Fygar appears as one of the enemies. Fygar shoots fire from his mouth at the player, one shot has the ability to kill the player. Before shooting fire, a Fygar will briefly flash, giving the player a moment's notice to act.

Like the Pooka, Fygar's have the ability to phase through solid dirt. However, they generally prefer to take the paths of least resistance and use tunnels whenever possible, as travel by phasing is markedly slower.

In the Pac-Man games

Pac-Man World Rally

Fygar appears as one of the playable characters in this game. Fygar has the ability to shoot fire once it gets a power-up such as a Power-pellet. Fygar along with Pooka is the only Dig Dug character to appear in Pac-Man World Rally. Fygar must be earned by beating several racing cups and earning the first prize trophy. Fygar first appears in 3D in this game.

Fygar from Pac-Man World Rally.


  • Fygar and Pooka are the only Dig Dug characters to appear in the Pac-Man series.
  • Fygar's can show cowardice and will try to escape Dig Dug when it finds itself the only enemy left, rather than try to take Dig Dug in a one-on-one fight
  • During the movie PIXELS, numerous aliens took the form of Fygars when the city was under a massive attack.
  • A Pooka and Fygar were also present for Disney's Wreck-it-Ralph. They are seen running about in the Game Central Station.


Wreck it ralph
Fygar(DigDug DS)
A Fygar in Dig Dug Digging Strike
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