Asteroid of Peril, the third maze of the Future world.

Future is the last world in Pac-Man: Adventures In Time's story mode. It consists of 5 mazes and 2 mini-games, as well as revealing the ending of the game.

Story Placement

Upon obtaining the last piece of the Artifact in the Wild West, Pac-Man is transported to the Future. Unfortunately, the time machine is in worse condition than before, and Professor Pac-Man can't figure out how to bring him back to the present. Pac-Man must now find a high source of energy in the Future in order to return home.


Future City: Unlike most stages in the game, Future City is not symmetrical. Pac-Man can take lifts to reach elevated sections of the maze.

Research and Destroy: This maze has a laboratory theme. It introduces electricity generators that shock Pac-Man if he happens to walk into one while active.

Asteroid of Peril: A wholly spherical maze. The level has shock pads that function the same way as the electricity generators from Research And Destroy.

Rocket Ride: This maze is a flattened rocket. Like in 'Treasure Vaults' of the Medieval world, the rocket's wings extend after all the dots are eaten on one side of the rocket, revealing more of the maze. Large jolts of electricity steam up and down both sides of the maze, and if Pac-Man comes in contact with one, he is instantly killed.

Reactor Core: The final stage of the Story Mode, the Reactor Core is a narrow, transparent, high energy cylinder divided into three sections. Because of the maze's narrow nature and the unpredictability of the ghosts, Pac-Man may crash into a ghost at any given time, making this the hardest maze of the Story Mode.


Future City, the first maze of the Future world.

Bonus Mazes

If the player can complete the Story Mode on both Medium and Hard, they are granted access to 2 bonus mazes in the Maze Select.

Bonus-Alienate: A sort of combination between Future City and Research and Destroy. A monitor can be seen displaying a simple animation of Pac-Man being chased by a ghost.

Super Bonus-Plan B From Outer Space: Pac-Man has landed on some sort of Mars-esque planet. Lifts can carry Pac-Man to underground areas of the maze, an interestingly new concept exhibited by the game. Clocking in at 404 dots (twice the amount of an average maze) this is the longest, and possibly hardest maze in the entire game.

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