A Fruit Door is an item in Pac-Man World. On the door, there is a fruit (or bell or Galaxian) pictured. Pacman must find the fruit (bell/Galaxian) so he can open the door. These doors contain either chests, switches, or Pacman Letters. The first Fruit Door is found in the first level, Buccaneer Beach.

Galaxian Maze Door

If the player sees a door with a Galaxian ship on it, it means that there is a maze inside it. If Pacman opens the door after finding a Galaxian Ship, he will be transported to a 3-D maze where he must collect all of the Pac Dots, and avoid his old enemies, Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde. These mazes are different than a normal arcade maze because there are other hazards, like fireballs, lasers, and arrows that can impede Pacman's progress. Unlike in the arcade version, getting hit by the Ghosts, only takes away one of the four health points Pacman has, unlike dying on contact.