Frantic Furnace is a mini-game in Pac-Man Party.


The intro starts as the players are on a stack of gears, then they see a hammer and get scared. They jump over it 2 times as the mini-game starts.


The object of this mini-game is to be the last player standing on the gears. Players must press the A button to jump and shake the Wii Remote to stay in the air longer. Using a Power Cookie lets the player stay in the air even longer. The hammer's job is to swing the gears into the furnace to make players lose. As time passes, the gears will become different colors and the hammer may play tricks on the players (the hammer is about to hit the gear the players are on and goes backwards, then hits the gear the players are standing on successfly).

Here is the list of colors of gears:

  • Silver
  • Green
  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Light Bronze
  • Lighter Bronze
  • And so on.


The winning player stands on the hammer doing their victory pose, while the losing players run around on the gears burnt up


  • If the player skips the intro, the players are shown on the gears while it's stacking up.
  • The mini-game doesn't show the winning screen if the remaining players get burnt at the same time.
  • The silver gears are the only gears that doesn't make the hammer play tricks on the players.

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