Dragons (or Pac-Dragons) are large red scaled reptiles with wings and a single eye. They often appear as enemies in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. They are seen residing in many areas in the Netherworld such as canyons or simply flying about in the sky, but the mainly hail from the volcanic region of the Netherworld known as Dragon Valley.


Dragons are large winged quadrupedal reptilian creatures with a massive wingspan big enough to carry them in the air. They are far taller than the average Pac-Worlder and have an even longer body length. The have a very ridged and sharp appearance due to their dark red scales which also appear to glow at times. They have sharp teeth and a long muzzle, and most notably only have a single eye like a cyclops.


Dragons are strong creatures as well as fast flyers that are almost as fast or faster than a flying Pac-Man. They also posses the dangerous ability to breath fire in large and almost infinite amounts and the fiery breath of several dragons combined together can heat up all of Pac-World.


Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Dragons appear often throughout the show whenever characters visit the Netherworld, in which they will pursue intruders and try to burn them alive. Although they have a few notable roles in some episodes.

Betrayus Turns The Heat Up

In Betrayus Turns The Heat Up, Betrayus and Dr. Buttocks captured three Dragons and funneled their fiery breath into Pac-World to greatly increase its heat and destroy the Tree of Life. While doing so, the Dragons were tortured and had their fire breath spat out forcefully. After Pac-Man discovered this, he freed the Dragons and they turned against Dr. Buttocks. However they soon turned on Pac-Man as well due to their vicious animal nature and began to chase and attack him. Luckily Pac-Man was able to defeat them and destroy the funnel, saving Pac World. At the end of the episode, the Dragons have their revenge on Dr. Buttocks for abusing them by comically whacking him with a hammer, snapping him with a whip, and breathing fire on him.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (game)

Dragons appear in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures video game in the level Dragon Valley. One first appears flying towards Pac-Man and begins shooting fireballs at him then once Pac-Man dodges them and reaches the checkpoint, a boss fight begins against a Dragon in the middle of a lake of lava and begins shooting molten lava balls at him. Ice Pac-Man can freeze the magma orbs and shoot them back at the Dragon, doing so enough times will eventually defeat it.

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