Creepy Catacombs is the twenty-first level in Pac-Man World, as well as the second level of Toc-Man's Mansion. This level features an underground cave with lot's of spiders in it, as well as walls that hurt you. And this is the last time they show steam shooters since ruins bonus, funhouse world, and factory world. But this time, there is no sound when it blows.

P - After Checkpoint 1#, follow two blue platforms and get the 'P'.

A1 - In the dark cave, look above you. You should find the first 'A'. Jump to grab it.

C - The 'C' is above some fire, so it's not safe to get, especilly if you have one live wedge left. Hit the green switch near the Cherry door for some Pac-Dots and the Cherry, then bust open the Cherry Door for a Chrome Ball. You'll get the 'C' now safely.

M - You should find a Peach door next to you after Checkpoint 6#. Grab the Peach farthest away from the course and go back to the Peach door for the 'M'.

A2 - After Checkpoint 8#, you'll find a Pear door next by. Grab the Pear on the fire by hitting the Yellow Switch near by. It comes along with Pac-Dots, too.

N - Right at the end of course you should find a Cherry Door. The Cherry is on the farthest edge on the left, so get it slowly because the edge is thin. Once you have the Cherry, go back to the Cherry door to get the 'N'.

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