Back in the Cragstone Mountains, Pac-Man continues on a three-level sequence to first destroy a syphon in the mountains (in the level Cragstone Bridge) and then enter Erwin's fortress and destroy the syphon found within (in the levels Erwin's Fortress and Dungen Gunden).

Pac-Man is teleported within sight of the syphon, but cannot readily access it. Instead, he walks through some caves to get to it. Inside one of the caves he meets a purple creature who is holding a spoon. He tells Pac-Man that he used the spoon to dig his way out of Erwin's fortress, and knows the fortress inside and out. He becomes a valuable ally to Pac-Man in his journey through the mountains and the fortress.

Soon Pac-Man crosses the Cragstone Bridge (for which this level is named). Nearing the syphon, Erwin's forces surround Pac-Man. He and Clyde defeat the minions, and Pac-Man enters the syphon's gates. After destroying yet another syphon, Pac-Man makes his way through mountains and catacombs to the entrance to Erwin's fortress, where he is greeted by even more of Erwin's minions. Pac-Man soon opens the gate to the fortress and promptly enters. The purple creature greets Pac-Man yet again, and tells Pac-Man to "be cautious and brave". With his advice in mind, Pac-Man enters the fortress.

Cragstone Bridge is one of the longest levels of the game, and as such, can feel overwhelming. There are many hazards for Pac-Man to watch out for, and there are no shortage of puzzles to keep Pac-Man occupied as well. As difficult as Cragstone Bridge is, it is small potatoes compared to what awaits Pac-Man inside the fortress. Yet, especially after completing levels such as Zephyr Heights and Gogekka Heights, it is nothing Pac-Man hasn't seen before.

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