Corsair's Cove is the second level in Pac-Man World, located on Ghost Island. It is the second level in the Valley of Pirates area and can only be accessed after the player beats Buccaneer Beach, the first level. Corsair's Cove introduces a few new mechanics in the game, like the Elevators, Galaxian Mazes, Friend Keys, and new enemies, such as the Walking Barrel, and Parrots.
Corsair's Cove

The Title as Appeared on the Loading Screen

This is the first world where the letters "P", "A", "C", "M", "A", and "N" can be collected. Collecting all of these letters in either Corsair's Cove or Crazy Cannonade will allow the player to try the Valley of Pirates Bonus Stage.

During this stage, Pac-Man will encounter Cannonball Targets as well. These are crude, wooden structures resembling pirates that spring up in the background, behind Pac-Man, and unseen cannons in the foreground will shoot at them with cannonballs. These can be avoided by simple dodging, or wearing a Chrome Suit. Pac-Man will also be swimming underwater much more than in Buccaneer Beach, Pac-Man will encounter underwater spikes, that hurt to touch. Again, to avoid these, swim properly, to weave through them, or wear a Chrome Suit to walk across them.



  • This is the only level in the game to have an underwater maze.
  • Walking Barrels are enemies exclusive to Corsair's Cove.
  • This the only level with a Friend Key in a chest and underwater.