Clown Racers are enemies from Pac-Man World. They appear in Clown Prix.
Clown racers

2 Clown Racers

Clown Racers are large clowns who ride in large bumper cars similar to that of Green Bumper Cars. Pac-Man races against them in a wacked out Haunted Funhouse track. If Pac-Man bumps into them, or vice versa, they make an annoying laugh. The only way to defeat a Clown Racer is to bump them off the ledge. They come in different looks, and the bumper cars have designs on them very similar to the Green Bumper Car.


"We clowns will beat you! There is no way you will win this race!"

"You must finish first to win! Using turbo will not help, I took care of that myself!"

"But what if he eats a Power Pellet and presses O?"

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