Pacman world rally course 1

Cloud Garden

Cloud Garden is a course in Pac-Man World Rally. It is the first course in the Cherry Cup. It is set in a garden in Japan.

Course Description

The track is very simple due to it being the first course in the game and has a Japanese setting.



The player must pass the bell without it ringing otherwise your car will flip over.


It is a simple ramp at the end of the course - Requires a cherry.


  • The level sports a sort of Japanese style. This is able to be told from the style of the background music, the pagodas in the level, the bamboo-like sticks, the sheets holding the pictures of cherries, and the large gong-like thing that hits you and you are likely to fall behind.
  • This is one of the four levels where players can't fall off the course. Ghost Mansion, King's Kourse and Retro Maze are the other three.
  • The shortcut in this level has the only ramp in this level. However, it is still impossible to go out of bounds, even with a boost.
  • In the intro of Pac-Man World Rally, the shortcut can be seen on the map. However, in the gameplay itself, the shortcut isn't visible on the map. Another error in the intro for this course is the map can't be seen in some brief scenes of this level. In the gameplay itself, the map is visible.
  • This is the first level where you collect cherries to unlock the shortcut
  •  This the only Japanese themed level in the game.

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