Chomp-Chomp the Pac-Dog is a character from the old Pac-Man T.V. series, Pac-Man and Chomp Chomp, Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures, Pac-Man World, and Pac-Man World 2. He is Pac-Man's loyal pet.



Chomp-Chomp as seen in the animated series

In the old animated series, he is a small white and black spotted Pac-Dog with a round body like the Pac-People and four short paws. In Pac-Man World, he looks more like a real-world dog with yellow fur and brown spots but with the Pac-People's eyes. In Pac-Man World 2, he resembles his animated counterpart although he has his Pac-Man World color scheme and Pac-Man's face and body and the same shape of eyes.

Pac-Man and Chomp Chomp

In an alternate version of Pac & Pal, Chomp Chomp took over the place of Pal (Miru).

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Sprite of Chomp Chomp from Pac-Man and Chomp Chomp

The Pac-Man TV show

Chomp-Chomp (voiced by Frank Welker) made his debut in the old Pac-Man animated series wherein he plays the role of the adorable house pet.


  • Chomp-Chomp appeared in the American version of this game which is based on the TV series.

In Pac-Man World

Chomp-Chomp first appears in the opening cutscene, walking down a trail, on his way to Pac-Man's 20th birthday party, with a present in his mouth. As he is walking, he sees a strange mound of dirt, and starts digging on it. He was then suprised to see a mummy hand pop out of the hole! The mummy grabbed Chomp-Chomp by the legs, and pulled him down underground. He is later seen in a large cage in Manic Mines in the Volcano Ruins area, the second area on Ghost Island. He is located about after mid level, in a maze-like area, surrounded by lava. When Pac-Man gets the Key to the cage, he frees Chomp-Chomp, and leaves behind a Health Wedge and is transported back to Ghost Island. Back at Ghost Island, he tells Pac-Man to go and find more friends. Chomp-Chomp doesn't appear again until the fight with Toc-Man at the end of the game in his lair. He helps Pac-Man along with his other friends by throwing Health Wedges onto the arena.

In Pac-Man World 2


Chomp-Chomp as seen in Pac-Man World 2

Chomp-Chomp appears in Pac-Man World 2 in the opening cutscene, sleeping next to Pac-Man's bed. The only other time he appears is at the end, where he chases Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde away over a hill.

In Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures, Chomp-Chomp is seen sleeping in his dog house. He wakes up whenever Pac-Man walks by and follows him. The player can choose to have Pac-Man's pet Chomp-Chomp.

In Pac 'n Roll


Chomp-Chomp as a puppy

In Pac 'n Roll, Chomp-Chomp made an appearance as a puppy. He, with Pac-Master's family was banished by the evil ghost Golvis.

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