Castles are special places owned by a certain character (depicted by their color) in Pac-Man Party. Whenever a player lands an empty space with no other characters around, a castle will be built in that spot for the player to defend. If two or more players land on the same empty space, however, the players pick present boxes with one of them containing the castle, while the other ones are empty. Players can make the castle bigger by landing on a space next to one of their own castles, up to a maximum of Level 5. If a player lands on one of their own castles, they get cookies, depending on the level. If a player lands on one of their opponent's castles, the players will play a mini-game, with the player who landed on that castle being the Attacker, and the player defending it being the Defender. If the Attacker wins, he/she gains possession of the castle, but if the Defender wins, he/she steals cookies from the Attacker, depending on the level. Some of the event spaces allow players to gain castles automatically, while the Taron Tent has the ability to make a player lose a castle. If one of the players loses more cookies then they own in a mini-game, they will lose castles to pay the price. Castles can have no owner, and whoever lands on one will gain possession of it.


  • The castle's owners are recognized by their color:
    • Pac-Man castles are yellow.
    • Blinky's castles are red.
    • Inky's castles are blue.
    • Pinky's castles are pink.
    • Clyde's castles are orange.
    • Patra's castles are purple.
    • Roger's castles are green.
    • Woofa's castles are white.
  • The Attacker will lose cookies in mini-games if they fail the attack depending on the level:
    • Losing on a Level 1 Castle costs 400 cookies.
    • Losing on a Level 2 Castle costs 800 cookies.
    • Losing on a Level 3 Castle costs 1,200 cookies.
    • Losing on a Level 4 Castle costs 1,800 cookies.
    • Losing on a Level 5 Castle costs 2,500 cookies.
  • The castles' appearance varies depending on the board:
    • Greenwood Grave's castles are normal shaped castles.
    • Mirage Oasis' castles are pyramids.
    • Spooky Hallow's castles are spooky-themed castles.
    • Crystal Cliff's castles are ice-made castles.
    • Celebration Avenue's castles are toy castles.

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